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Current Series

Current Series

40 Days: Join us as we pray through the Psalms.

The Psalms are not ordinary. They are a timeless collection of 150 poetic songs meant to give us words when we have none. They are songs personal enough to reflect the range of human emotion, expansive enough to capture our collective experience. They give us what we need to talk honestly to God. These songs shape our shouts for joy. They craft our cries for help.

What if for the 40 DAYS leading up to Easter, we made this song book into our prayer book? What if for 40 DAYS we let go of our words or of trying to say the right things to God and we just relied on words already given to us? Maybe in 40 DAYS our prayer lives would look different.

Join us for 40 DAYS as we pray through the Psalms and experience a timeless gift.

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